I Capuleti e i Montecchi
22. April 2023
I Capuleti e i Montecchi
  • Composer: Vincenzo Bellini
  • Location: Theater Lübeck
  • Musical direction: Andreas Wolf
  • Director: Michael Sturm
  • Set and costumes: Stefan Rieckhoff
About the project

When I am in Verona I have to think of Lübeck. And of funny rehearsals. As a rule, I like to schedule the scenic rehearsals so that they don’t collide with important soccer games on TV. Once Bayern played against Juventus Turin and the calendar left me no other option than to work with the choir. Well then, I set my iPhone to vibrate when a goal is scored, put it in my pocket and off I went. Present were the conductor Andreas Wolf and Stefan Rieckhoff, the decorator – both big soccer fans. Both were very focused on the rehearsal, but such a tense silence seemed strange to me, so I took a quick look at both of them and lo and behold: next to the music sheet was a phone with the live broadcast. Mean people, I thought, just you wait! Shortly afterwards it vibrated in my pants, 1:0 for Juventus. Now, I knew that there was a second delay between the goal alarm and the live transmission, so I went to Stefan and Andreas and said briefly “I think there’s about to be a goal for Juve” and continued with the rehearsal. Time-delayed, then some commotion in the background. How does the storm know that? Intuition, I said. Then the 2:0 for Juve fell. Again, the same game with the alarm in my pants’ pocket and the goal announcement to the TV viewers. For a brief moment I became a magician for them, the grounding followed promptly when I solved the riddle and Bayern unfortunately still managed the draw. For known: every Bayern defeat is a celebration for me!


Arndt Voß