Gegen die Wand
22. April 2023
Gegen die Wand
  • Conductor: Joannes Knapp
  • Location: Theater Freiburg
  • Director: Michael Sturm
  • Set: Stefan Rieckhoff
  • Choreography: Günther Grollitsch
About the project
The world premiere of Ludger Vollmer’s opera based on the film by Fatih Akin took place at the Theater Bremen in 2008, as an emotional state of exception for Ludger and myself. We were both able to process a tremendous amount of private life as if in a frenzy, we didn’t need drugs, his work did that. The premiere in Bremen was fiery. And now, five years later, Freiburg. The venue was the Ganter brewery, the stage an oversized wide-screen cinema of almost forty metres. Placing the focus there scenically correctly was the actual thrill, allowing a completely different perspective of scenic storytelling. Outwardly different, but inside as before. Not easy, because the times had shifted and the fire had to fight. What else was there? The encounter with the Animal Protection League because of an alleged slaughter of a lamb on an open stage and various cuts in the play, so as not to disturb the official night’s rest in the residential area – the police were on standby.

Badische Zeitung:

The direction makes clever use of the enormous spaces.


Ludger Vollmer and director Michael Sturm have turned Fatih Akin’s cult film “Gegen die Wand” into a remarkable opera.

Cristina, Regina di Svezia