22. April 2023
  • Conductor: José Antonio Méndez Pádron
  • Locations: Catedral de La Habana,
    Final concert of Mozart Festival
    Teatro Sauto Matanzas
  • Director: Michael Sturm
  • Choreography: Liliam Pádron
  • Set and costumes: Małgorzata Oleszkiewicz
About the project

HE loses HER. The wedding is just celebrated, then the bond of love breaks, she was ill. HE remains behind, a prisoner of pain and grief.
SHE lives on in his memory.

They meet again in an in-between world, where life is not death and death is not life, where art and music pulsate in the twilight,
where God sends his angel.

SHE and HE are dancers, MARIA and JOSEPH, SARAH and ABRAHAM singers, as well as the Archangel GABRIEL.

The coming sends its signals and faces each other in hope and uncertainty.

The morning with its sunbeams kisses the lovers and the wedding begins again.

Hope is at dawn, when the sun leaves the horizon, Havana begins to shine and no power outage clouds daily life. For six hours we experienced the daily test of patience in Matanzas, into the night and it was not clear if the performance could take place at all. The electric company finally signaled the green light at 20:10 and the spotlights glowed with happiness. In the meantime, a large audience had gathered in front of the Teatro, it was dark and Caribbean warm, all the more grateful for every whoop and cheer later on stage. The hardship of everyday life is called forgetting, until the sun leaves the horizon in the early morning, as every day, and Aurora kisses all people. Cuba was wonderful and sustainable; it shall continue: with the Lyceum Mozartiano de La Habana and the … More later, it will be a celebration!

Inspired by Heilige Schrift and the novel „Metaphysics“ von Lech Majewski

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Maurerische Trauermusik“ KV 477
Johann Sebastian Bach: „Magnificat“ BWV 243
Johann Sebastian Bach: „“Jauchzet frohlocket“, 1.Kantate aus dem Weihnachtsoratorium BWV 248/1
Estaban Salas: „Villancicos“ Claras Luces

Orchestra Lyceum de La Habana
Cantores de Cienfuegos, Coro de Cámara de Matanzas, Coro de Cámara Exaudi, Coro de Cámara de la Universidad de las Artes

Lohengrin – Lemberg