AIDA, Luxor 2019
22. April 2023
AIDA, Luxor 2019
  • Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
  • Location: Hatschepsut Tempel, Luxor
    Ägypten 2019
  • Musical direction: Oksana Lyniv
    Margaryta Grynyvetska
  • Music: INSO Orchester Lviv
    DUMKA Chor Ukraine
  • Director: Michael Sturm
  • Set, Light and costumes: 1st version
    Sebastian Ellrich (Bühne, Kostüme)
    Wolfgang von Zoubek (Lichtdesign)
    Torge Møller (Videodesign)
    2nd version
    „Sturms Team
About the project

One of the most absurd productions of my life. The concept was developed with Sebastian Ellrich in cooperation with the video artist Torge Møller. In the rock above the Hatshesputh temple, the Nile was supposed to break out and make its way to the parking lot in several hundred meters, to the left of it a green palm oasis, to the right the desert, where bird-like creatures like Amneris live, opposite her butterfly-like figures like Aida, Radames as excavator and dreamer Howard Carter. The client liked it, also ministerial, but other powers finally opposed and I plus the team on the road.

© Sebastian Ellrich

Fourteen days before the actual premiere, the client asked me to return with a different concept. I thought and helped, got two assistants and so together at the breakfast table a scenic arrangement for an empty stage with a temple panorama was created. One of the assistants liked it so much that he gave radio and television interviews in his home country and declared himself the director who saved the day. The orchestra came from Ukraine, so did the choir, so did the conductor. The double basses arrived right before the dress rehearsal, but the harps missed the way from Alexandria to Luxor. The best came at the end: the involuntary conversion of my fee into a one-week Nile cruise. Somehow it was still nice, had I left Aida in Luxor, my life would have been much poorer. Oh, there was the story of Torge, Sebastian, Wolfgang and me in Cairo …


Interview mit Michael Sturm