Adriana Lecouvreur
22. April 2023
Adriana Lecouvreur
  • Composer: Francesco Cilea
  • Location: Nationaltheater Szeged
  • Conductor: Philippe de Chalendar
  • Director: Michael Sturm
  • Set: Zsuzsa Molnár
  • Costumes: Ágnes Gyarmáthy
About the project

The music has a good breath, its verismo makes one revel. Singers and audiences love this work, but if one talks about the content and plot, one is at a loss: too complicated. When the notes come into play and one compares form and content, it can be seen that the dramatic content is on shaky ground: at one time a lot of action and little music, at another time a lot of music and little action. Verdi, Wagner and the other Champions League composers can be trusted almost blindly, because everything is right. And how can a narratable and comprehensible story be invented from a singer opera with its beguiling melodies? One stays in the milieu of the vanities and tells the stories of the singing artists on their stage.
The world revolves around itself and nothing is more beautiful than a good stage death. Really? Dying was beautiful in Szeged, a k.u.k. city in the spirit of its majesty. I often had to think of Joseph Roth’s Capuchin Crypt. Unforgettable.